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Financing with Enterprise Funding Corp

Financing more than $845,000,000 in projects through the SBA 504 program in the last 30 years,

Enterprise Funding Corporation has become the small business lender of choice in Southern California

for many banks, real estate brokers, and borrowers. This allows us to play a significant role in the

economic development of Southern California including the Inland Empire and High Desert regions. The

heartbeat of Enterprise Funding is not only to provide excellent and reliable service to its customers, but

to take the call of every Certified Development Company (CDC) to heart and re-invest in the community

we serve by enhancing job creation and giving back profits to organizations that are also working to

revitalize and sustain the region. Certified Development Companies such as Enterprise Funding are non-

profit corporations. All of their excess revenues are re-invested in the region where they operate.


Bankers, brokers and borrowers alike have come to rely on Enterprise Funding because they all want one

thing – a seamless and smooth lending process with no surprises. Over the years we’ve perfected a

system and put a highly responsive and educated team in place that allows us to deliver just that. We do

all of the legwork – pre-qualifying buyers and delivering a loan package to the bank that makes

everyone’s job easy and gets the buyer to closing faster.


Financing SBA 504 loans with Enterprise Funding is a win-win. For the small business owner, the process

of finding a bank that will finance their loan can be daunting; the mountain of paperwork, and the time and

energy that go into seeking out multiple banks and then convincing those banks to get on board with their

vision can be overwhelming. Rightfully so, banks have a need to be assured that a borrower will pay back

the loan. At Enterprise Funding, not only do we do most of the legwork for the borrower, we make sure

that every detail in the application is reviewed and ready for a quick approval. Because we work closely

with the borrower to get the loan package ready, we can then submit the loan to the over 40 banks that

we already have excellent relationships with, saving the borrower time and money. For the bank, because

a portion of every loan is backed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), you have additional

security when financing your portion of an SBA 504 loan. The bottom line is – every bank knows it’s a

secure loan, and every business owner knows they are in good hands.


The SBA 504 loan program was made for commercial real estate brokers – well, almost! It’s the perfect

program and Enterprise Funding is the perfect delivery tool to get you and your client to closing your loan

faster. This program was purposefully designed to finance the purchase of existing real estate, land,

ground-up construction and large, fixed assets. It’s a loan created with the express purpose of making

commercial real estate transactions happen seamlessly and quickly. The high level of professionalism

and expertise brought into the equation by Enterprise Funding assures brokers that their deal will be

handled quickly and thoroughly with no last minute surprises.


The SBA 504 loan program offers a low, fixed rate loan, and when informed about it, business owners are

drawn to this program by the minimal up-front cost. Don McCormack of Southwest Medical Resources,

who financed a loan in 2013 with Enterprise Funding, remarked, “The reason this loan was so attractive

to us was because of the minimal down payment. We would not be able to take our business to the level

we desire if our assets were tied up in a higher down payment.” One of the key provisions of the 504 loan

is that most companies only have to provide 10 percent down. A typical conventional loan would require

at least 25% percent down and an SBA 7a loan would typically be a variable rate and require additional


As we have stated, the net profits from loans financed through the SBA 504 program are typically given

back to the region in which the CDC is located. At Enterprise Funding, we have contributed hundreds of

thousands of dollars into our region through many organizations including the Cal State San Bernardino

“Spirit of the Entrepreneur” awards and the Inland Empire Economic Partnership. Russ Caldwell of

Southwest Medical Resources stated, “We knew we wanted to work with Enterprise Funding when we

learned that the profits from the loan would stay in our local community and help to benefit economic

development in Southern California, and more specifically in the Inland Empire.” By choosing to finance

your loan through Enterprise Funding, you are choosing to invest in your community.

At Enterprise Funding Corporation, we are looking forward to working with you in the upcoming year and

are excited to continue to support economic development, revitalization and scholarship and grant

programs. We have a unique understanding of the High Desert, Coachella Valley, and the San Bernardino

and Riverside markets. In addition we have done a significant number of loans in the Inland Empire West

including Rancho Cucamonga, Chino, Ontario, and Fontana.

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