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To begin the process of applying for an SBA 504 loan, we'll need you to tell us a little about your small business and what you are looking for from your small business loan. After this form has been reviewed, you will be contacted to let you know if you qualify to move forward with the pre-application process.

If you would like to get a better overview of applying for an SBA 504 Loan and the information we will need to collect moving forward, check out our Loan Process breakdown here.

Do you have a written business plan?

Business Plans are essential for New Businesses. If you do not have a Business Plan, you should pause the process of applying and either check out SBA's resource guide for help with creating one, or reach out to an SBDC office in your area. For the inland empire: IESBDC

Select as many Eligable Uses of Proceeds as apply (any other use of proceeds is not elegible in an SBA 504 Loan)

If you are leasing a property and looking to make improvements, secondary collateral will be required and the term of your lease will need to be at least the term of our loan.

In addition to nonprofit organizations, life insurance companies, religious institutions, private clubs, marijuana producers or distributors, and businesses that primarily engage in lending, lobbying or legal gambling can't receive an SBA 504 loan.

For smaller loans you can find information on SBA's microloan program on their website, or you can check out Small Business Development Corporation of Orange County's website to see if they have a loan for you:

Thanks for submitting!

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